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All About You

  • $3.95  Free

    Star Destiny

    Character development and true potential.

  • $3.95

    Star Talents

    Defines what inspires you most

  • $3.95

    Star Work & Money

    Career prospects, ambition and rewards

  • $5.95

    Star Spirit

    Your Star Spirit identifies

  • $3.95

    Star Dating

    Meeting partners, liking them and wanting a date


Your Future Revealed

  • $5.95

    Star Love Life

    Focuses on Venus 'the planet of love'.

  • $5.95

    Star Predictor

    Interprets day-to-day movement the planets.

  • $5.95

    Star Forecaster

    Listing life’s phases


For Two People

  • $11.95

    Star Intimacy

    The sensuality you share

  • $16.95

    Star Lovers

    Love is best when you connect